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About Our Charity


Together we can make a difference

The Amal Women's Association (or Amal for short) is a Muslim women led organisation. We provide front line services to Muslim women, and women with a connection to the Muslim community nationwide.


Our Vision

An Ireland where all women, particularly Muslim women, can access the services they need and fully participate in society, free from the threat of violence, from poverty, racism, discrimination and stigma.


Our Mission

To advance the human rights, health, safety, participation, and dignity of Muslim and non-Muslim women in Ireland.


Our Values

Based in human rights and social justice. We believe that women are powerfuland should live with dignity and respect. We believe that no woman should live with abuse of any kind or under threat of violence. We believe in the cultural and religious rights of womenand their families to access services that meet their needs. We believe that women can change the world.

Our Objectives

Improve outcomes for women and their families through services and self development and strengthen their position at home and in the community.

Provide safety for women and children in dangerous situations through provision of culturally appropriate emergency accommodation and refuge.

Represent our community through constructive dialogue and the development of strategic partnerships.

Ensure Amal thrives and survives into the future by building strong foundations and structures.

Our Partners

Islamic Foundation of Ireland

Irish Network Against Racism

Migrant Rights Center Ireland

Department of Justice and Equality

Women's Aid


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