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Amal Women's Association is a Muslim Women led service responding to the needs of women across Ireland.

Amal in Arabic means hope or aspiration.

We in Amal provide positive interventions in the lives of women to support women, empower women and give strength and voice to the community.

Arabic word for Amal

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Dublin, August 22nd, For Immediate Release


Muslim girls and women shouldn’t have to fear being in public spaces after islamophobic attack, says Amal Women’s Association


A video has circulated online of a violent islamophobic attack on two Irish Muslim girls on Sunday afternoon. The girls, one of whom was wearing a hijab, were walking in the Dundrum area of Dublin when they were attacked by a group of teenagers who shouted racial abuse at the girls. 


Amal Women’s Association, a Muslim women-led organisation, are calling on the Irish public to help make communities safer places for Muslim women and girls. 


Speaking today, Founder Hanan Amer said: 


“Each and every one of us should have the freedom to walk down the streets with our heads held high. Muslim women and girls deserve to be a part of Irish society, to be visible in our communities and to have equal access to our public spaces. 


It’s the responsibility of all of us who call Ireland home to make sure that these violent attacks are never considered normal or inevitable and that members of the Irish Muslim community, especially women, don’t feel they have to hide from public life in order to be safe.” 


Amal Women’s Association highlighted a project called ‘The Safer Communities Yellow Sticker Initiative’ which seeks to empower Irish communities to respond to attacks that are based on race, gender and sexual orientation. The project would see community leaders and businesses trained to offer support to victims in the event of these types of attacks. A yellow sticker would be placed in the window of local shops, cafés and community centres to show that they are safe places for anyone who has been attacked to wait with a trained volunteer while help arrives. 


Amer says: 


“Our streets are becoming less safe for many of us who are visibly different. Whether it’s based on race, the choice to wear a hijab, gender or anything that makes someone a target, it’s the responsibility of all of us to make sure our communities are safe places that celebrate the unique and diverse people that call Ireland home. That’s why the Safer Communities Yellow Sticker Initiative is so important, and why it’s so important that we work to make Ireland safer for all of us” 


Amal Women’s Association is a Muslim women-led organisation that provides culturally appropriate support to women to live free from violence, poverty, stigma and discrimination. 


Amal Women’s Association is being supported by European Network Against Racism, a network group of 100 anti racist organisations across Ireland, The Islamic Foundation of Ireland and Canal Communities Against Racism.  




We are not available for an interview at this time and we would ask that the family’s privacy is respected during this difficult time. 

We all have witnessed rise in hate crimes and racist attacks. The lack of immediate assistance and guidance in most cases is unavailable.  With absence of quick intervention from authorities and public fear of getting involved in such matters, most victims are left isolated, confused and bear an emotional scar for long.


Amal Women’s Association has thus felt a strong need to launch the “Safer Community Initiative”. also known as the Yellow Sticker. Read more


 Our Yellow Sticker initiative will start primarily covering areas around Dublin 8, yellow stickers on public premises will let someone know they can go their for help and support if an incident happens on the street. This isn't a space for just Muslim women, its for anyone who suffers harassment, intimidation or worse on the street. We hope it will be a chance to collaborate and work with various local groups in our local area.

 Read the full Irish Times article 

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