Supporting and Empowering Women

Join as Volunteer

What can you do as a volunteer?

There are different areas of the Amal work that you can help with (when filling your application form you will be asked which area interests you the most)


Translation (written form) and interpretation (oral form): 

  • You would need an induction on Amal’s guidelines for interpreting and translation

Direct support to the women:

  • Drop-in session
  • One to one advice; signposting, support and information for women accessing our office in and Cultural advocacy

General support:

  • English language classes (or any other class you can offer)
  • Organising donations and care packs
  • Organise community events

Volunteer With Us

Being a volunteer lead organisation we do value the importance of volunteers and we thought it would be helpful for you to have an idea of how we work and what would be expected from both us and you as a volunteer. As a volunteer you will be in continual contact with our volunteer coordinator who will be your main source of information.