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We all know, Ireland is considered one of the most welcoming countries to Refugees. Despite the difference in language and culture they are always greeted with wide smiles.

In Amal, we know that the key to helping the refugees is having the good way of communication with them. As we have a lot of Arab volunteers it makes it easier to communicate with them without being lost in translation. Under the umbrella of the common language and common culture the hearts open up. They share their sad stories of what they left behind and we share our happy ones about a brighter future. For every camp We do two types of visits: the first one is a survey visit to meet and talk about their needs. After we collect the needed stuff from donations, we organize them in separate bags for every family and we do the second visit. We also take families to Eid festivals and give presents to the children and the youth during the special Eid or any other family friendly festivals.

Refugee Project 2019

We are raising funds for our refugee project 2019 for the newly arrived refugees in Ireland.

In the run-up to the fasting month of Ramadan, which falls in the early month of May this year (with the longest amount of daylight), Amal group would like to fund-raise to help the Refugee families during their transition in the Direct provision center.

We are appealing to local businesses and personal donors for support.

Could you help us  raise € 5000 for  Ramadan food packs, Eid gifts for the children and families of the newly arrived refugees in Ireland.

If you are in any position to support us please do, no contribution is too small; it will be greatly appreciated. We are available to meet to talk about it in more details.

Ramadan Bags 2018

Ramadan Bags 2017

Festival of Culture, Faith and Community at Merrion Park

Eid Gifts 2017

Until now, we cover 3 different camps: Portlaise, Roscommon and Mosney.

We also work with Kildare volunteer center to ensure we deliver the maximum support we can.

Without your help and support we won’t be able to continue our work.

If you’d like to donate to support the Refugees, we accept clean wearable cloth (new clothes), canned food (non expired) and unbroken toys. Also direct donations through our Bank account.