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Yellow Sticker Initiative - Amal Women Ireland

Safer Community Initiative


We all have witnessed rise in hate crimes and racist attacks. The lack of immediate assistance and guidance in most cases is unavailable. With absence of quick intervention from authorities and public fear of getting involved in such matters, most victims are left isolated, confused and bear an emotional scar for long. The Central Statistics Office 2016 figures for Ireland includes 152 crimes of racism, 38 of ageism, 31 gender-related, 28 homophobia, 25 anti-Traveler, and 13 anti-Muslim. The 308 figure compares to an average of 158 crimes annually between 2006 and 2014, ranging from 114 in 2014 to 233 in 2007. Amal Women’s Association has thus felt a strong need to launch the “Safer Community Initiative”. also known as the Yellow Sticker.

  • This Initiative is an attempt to provide vulnerable solace and comfort at the nearest point of incident.
  • Since the problem extends beyond our community, we are spreading our reach for the elderly and physically disabled.
  • Our first step involves partnering with local supermarkets, shops or any businesses that have premises where a publicly visible place is available with at least two chairs to sit.
  • The Points of Assistance will display a SIGNAGE and a STICKER which will be a symbol signaling that victims can expect help.
  • A brief training to be given to agreed parties about their role as a helper such as offering a place to sit, glass of water, or an urgent phone call to the Garda or Ambulance can be offered.
  • The victim can be made to sit in the public place on the chair and consoled by our partnered supporter until they are stable or further help arrives for them.