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99 Names of Allah


As part of the Dublin’s Culture Connects neighborhood project, the Dublin City Council initiative that aims to connect communities through culture.

The 8 ft Batik of the 99 name of Allah is currently been displayed in Chester Beatty Library on the second floor. It was created by artist Helen Barry and Amal Women’s Association.

Our neighborhood project did some wonders “How to forge new friendships with new neighbors” as listed in INDEPENDENT.IE

“Punctuation” exhibition displayed the efforts of Artist Helen Barry and our volunteers hand crafted 8ft embroidered hanging containing 99 names of Allah.

The First Lady-Sabina Higgins truly motivated us by her words. “We must recognize the value of solidity – that we are all in this small, vulnerable planet together and we are all related”

Nor Nasib comment was simply overwhelming “I want to educate people in the community and show them that we are friendly and welcoming. We want you to visit the mosque and we want to be your friends”